Here's an extension I wrote a year ago recently repackaged to work with my Conditional Tags extension. First of all many will notice that, some parts of it behave eerily like Manuel's Parameterized Snippets extension. I'm really not interested in sowing confusion -- he and I have already started talking and we'll see if we can't find a nice blend of the two before it's all done.

In the meantime, I wanted to release this anyway since:

   * It demonstrates nicely how to create your own evaluators for use
     Conditional Tags
   * It does offer some features that his extension does not
   * I'd like feedback from the community as to usefulness and the best
     approach. (As with most of the stuff I release publicly, I'd like
     this to be something that is generally useful for the community as
     a whole and not some niche piece of code).

GitHub link:

Check out the readme and the descriptions for the tags, but in a nutshell this extension:

   * Creates a <r:set_vars> tag that lets you declare variables/values
     globally.  Values are cast as a number, boolean, nil or string.
   * Augments <r:snippet> so that any extra attributes become variable
     declarations (just like Parameterized Snippets).  These variables
     are only available within the context of the tag (just like
     Parameterized Snippets).  Values are cast as with <r:set_vars>.
   * Augments <r:content> just like <r:snippet>.  Wow, Parameterized
     Page Parts.
   * Creates a <r:puts> tag to let you render your variable values
     elsewhere.  (Personally I'm thinking of moving this into
     Conditional Tags so its utility wouldn't be limited to just
     variables -- we'll see).
   * Creates an evaluator for ConditionalTags so that you can do things

           <r:if cond=" vars[myVar] exists? " >  or
          <r:unless cond=" children.count gte vars[someVar] " >


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