john wrote:
My assertion was that anyone who has gone to the effort of changing the browsers background color is well prepared to deal with the mess they make if they choose black for instance, i.e. those same people are also likely to have user level css applied in addition to deal with when this happens. I think this just happens to be one of his pet issues.

Actually, I am tempted to agree with Saša on this one - if *you* set a foreground color, *you* should set a background color. A default background should not apply if you override the foreground.

I think Saša / Zeldman are talking about using a "default background" from the browser - on the other hand, if the user sets his browser to overwrite the colors specified by the page, then both the background and foreground colors are affected. Also (as John said), the user has clearly chosen to see it differently.

11/9/2008 | 3:35 AM.

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