One of the problems with Radiant being so extensible is that it attracts a lot of software geek-types. ;-) It's no issue for me to do a db dump/restore but I couldn't give that job to my assistant.

Plus I'm not sure that that's a friendly format for, say, version controlling a site's content.

Anyway, sorry for not being more clear. My goals here are:

   * It's simple (read: non-technical users love it)
   * It's db-independent so if my local development environment is
     Sqlite3 but my server is MySQL or PostgreSQL (or I want to change
     databases/servers some day) it's no sweat to move content around.
   * It's collects all of the content (this means styles and scripts
     ala SnS, and whatever fun extensions I choose to add in the future).
   * My site's content can be fully restored via import.
   * Ideally it's in a human readable format so if it's kept in an scm,
     diff tools can identify changes.
   * Bonus points for packaging all the files up nicely (like a zip or
     tarball for download).
   * Bonus points for managing asset files such as images images
     (though I'm not holding my breath here).

And I'd really *love* it if someone could tell me the difference between import_export and super_export (which I think does import too).


Mohit Sindhwani wrote:
Chris Parrish wrote:
I'm looking for a good way to backup/restore all of my content for a Radiant App. I'm want something that collects all the data (including extension models).

I'm aware of Import-Export and Super Import-Export but I can't seem to find anything that clearly spells out the differences. Is anyone familiar with both solutions (or any other ones you'd recommend)? I could use some tips.
Would a database dump not help? So far, I'm using SQLite, so I just move the database between my PC and the demo site. But, I would have thought that a database dump would manage 'almost' everything. The only thing that gets left behind, unfortunately, is the stuff in public... and I don't know how Page Attachments / Gallery would work across database dumps and restores.

I need to think about this not too far in the future... in a way, it's good that you're ahead!

11/14/2008 | 2:58 AM.

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