Hi -

I'm newish to Radiant and am spending a lot of time trying to figure out
why things don't work and reading documentation.  I'd like to contribute
to the documentation parts that I have learned but aren't documented.

For instance in the handbook there is a section called standard tags,
but it doesn't list the <r:snippet name=”snippet_name” /> tag.  Pretty
simple to add that.  I did see it documented under the snippets category
but it should be documented under standard tags too.

Another thing I might add is how to build an app and write pages using
the rails_support extension I found on the google code site.  I've
written two websites using this now and I think my contribution to
another tutorial will help.

Who do I contact to be able to edit the online handbook? Also if I am
approved I need to know the policy for making changes . . . should I
forward any changes to John Long or Sean Cribbs for approval?  That
would make sense to me.

Steve Line
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