HI Steve,

It's great to receive your message - we are obviously always on the lookout for people who can help write documents for Radiant, based on their experience.

Steven Line wrote:
I'm newish to Radiant and am spending a lot of time trying to figure out
why things don't work and reading documentation.  I'd like to contribute
to the documentation parts that I have learned but aren't documented.

Another thing I might add is how to build an app and write pages using
the rails_support extension I found on the google code site.  I've
written two websites using this now and I think my contribution to
another tutorial will help.

Who do I contact to be able to edit the online handbook? Also if I am
approved I need to know the policy for making changes . . . should I
forward any changes to John Long or Sean Cribbs for approval?  That
would make sense to me.

[1] Editing the wiki
The documentation for Radiant starts from this page: http://wiki.radiantcms.org/Documentation At the bottom of each page in the wiki, you can click on 'Edit page' to edit it.
You will be asked for an email address and password.
If this is your first visit, enter a valid email and a password that you would like to use. If you are returning, just enter your previously entered email address and password. There is no approval/ moderation needed by anyone - you can edit straight away.

[2] Summer Reboot - http://wiki.radiantcms.org/Summer_Reboot
Another Radiant documentation project that is ongoing is the Summer Reboot. We drew up a table of contents once for what would be a good set of items to document for people using Radiant. You can see the full list at that site and add to any of the yet-undocumented items. You could also add your own extra topics if you want.

Under Chapter 6, there is a topic called 'Integrating with Rails' - you could use that (or change it appropriately) to document the rails_support extension. If you are unsure where the topic belongs, just create it in and we can shift it later.

Creating a new wiki page: the easiest way to create a new wiki page is to go to the parent page from which it will be linked. Then, click on Edit Page to edit it. Find the part where you want to create the link from and put the wiki linking part into [[ link text name]]. For example, if you want to add to Chapter 6 - Integrating with Rails, scroll down to the part where you see this:
* Integrating with Rails
and change it to:
* [[Integrating with Rails]]

Click on Save - on the rendered page, it will show with a small ? next to the text. Click on that to be taken to the new page that you can now add content into.

NOTE: Do not change the title of the new page. If you change it, it won't be correctly linked back because that will automatically change its URL.

Please feel free to add anything that you want to the sections. In case you need any clarifications, please feel free to contact me/ mail the list. Remember to add your name at the bottom to the authors list on the Summer Reboot page once you modify it.

11/16/2008 | 2:20 PM.

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