Erik Ostrom said the following on 12/03/2008 02:35 AM:
> Hm.  Since there isn't a clear standard for freezing gems, sometimes
> they need some coaxing.  I'd try running it either (a) on a machine you
> have more control over or (b) on Mongrel, to try to get some more
> diagnostic logging.
> ... Okay, I've just tried freezing RedCloth 4.1.1 into my Radiant app at
> home.  I got a Phusion error about a missing RubyGem "echoe," installed
> and froze that, and now my app works.  So if you didn't get "echoe"
> already, you could try that.  Otherwise I don't know.

Dreamhost is a hosted site, so the "machine you have more control over"
isn't a fair test.  I can't cotnrol the Passenger configuration and I'm
stuck using the local GEM_HOME in ~/.gems

I can't install gems in /usr/lib/ruby since this is a hosted service and
 when I point out that all I'm working with uses gems from the standard
Ruby Gems repository Dreamhost support tell me its "custom software" and
"unsupported" and when I point out that many of their gems are out of
date they tell me they can't update until all the new ones have been tested.

Apart from this incident Dreamhost have always been very supportive but
 this 'denial' and 'blame the user' is getting me very frustrated.

"It is impossible for a man to begin to learn what he thinks he knows".
   -- Epictetus
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