I know I promised a 0.6.10 release candidate, but John and I feel we've been too slavish to our roadmap and that the changes in the latest version of Radiant represent a significant departure from 0.6.9, so today I'm releasing 0.7.0-RC1. This release is intended for developers only, specifically with the intent to start updating extensions to some of the new internal APIs. You can get the gem in two ways:

* Download directly - http://radiant.s3.amazonaws.com/radiant-0.7.0-rc1.gem
* Install from GitHub:
 gem install radiant-radiant --source=http://gems.github.com

For more details, read the Radiant weblog: http://radiantcms.org/blog/archives/2008/12/07/radiant-0-7-0-rc1-available/


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