I am also VERY new to Radiant and my first project has a painfully tight 
deadline requiring dynamic drop downs. I have a bout 48 hours to figure 
this out and have reached extreme frustration with the wiki 

I understand and appreciate the simplicity of Sean's contribution below:

Sean Cribbs wrote:
> <r:find url="/">
> <ul>
> <r:children:each>
>   <li><r:link/>
>     <r:if_children>
>     <ul>
>       <r:children:each><li><r:link /></li></r:children:each>
>     </ul>
>     </r:if_children></li>
> </r:children:each>
> </ul>
> </r:find>

My issues is figuring out how to apply it to my site.  I currently have 
the main navigation in a snippet that is called from the Normal Layout. 
All but two of the main menu items required drop downs. The code I am 
currently using is  below:

<r:link><a href="/">HOME</a></r:link>|
<r:link><a href="/about-the-tour/">ABOUT THE TOUR</a></r:link>|
<r:link><a href="/rider-area/">RIDER AREA</a></r:link>|
<r:link><a href="/our-partners/">OUR PARTNERS</a></r:link>|
<r:link><a href="/post-news-community/">POST-NEWS 
<r:link><a href="/media-room/">MEDIA ROOM</a></r:link>|
<r:link><a href="/about-us/">ABOUT US</a></r:link>

Hate to be so publicly naive, but would be extremely grateful for any 

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