Do you have a rogue/zombie process that has a lock on the SQLite3 db? I'd say sweep out any mongrel processes (or restart Apache if you're using Passenger) and try again.


Anton Aylward wrote:
Nate Turnage said the following on 01/15/2009 02:36 PM:
Let me ask you this: which option did you choose when you bootstrapped the
db, none, simple blog, styled blog? I had this kind of thing happen to me
when I set up a completely unstyled site. When you do that, nothing gets
created. There is no page or page part or anything in the db. You get the
use of the gem and few config files, but there is o site created. There is
no home page. Your database is throwing you an error to tell you there isn't
anything to pull from where Radiant wants to start pulling page content.

Add a home page and you'll be golden.

Sorry that's unhelpful.
This site has been up and running for some months and I've edited many
pages and the RSS and the template and snippets there before.  The most
recent edits were Dec 14th.  There re no problems viewing the site
pages.  There are 8 templates, a dozen or so snippets, three css's, 16
top level 'pages' and about 60 pages overall.

And anyway, I'm talking about editing pages in admin mode, which you'd
have to do to add that golden home page.

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