I'm relatively new to the RoR world and am trying to use Radiant for my CMS,
but I keep running into problems with the Styles n' Scripts (SnS) extension.
I initially had problems installing it, it kept not finding the
"extension_meta" table. I finally solved this by bootstrapping the entire
db, rather than just the production db. It then installed, apparently, just

My new problem is that now that it's installed, when I click in the new tabs
(CSS and JS) in Radiant I get sent to a 500 error. It's sending me to
domain.com/admin/css and domain.com/admin/js, so that's correct, but a 500
error isn't.

I've tried reinstalling the extension, reinstalling the entire app, and
restarting the server multiple times. Any and all help would be appreciated.

Oh, I'm on DreamHost, if that helps/explains anything. Thanks!

UPDATE: I tried again, this time I bootstrapped all db's and it worked. For
the record, all of the tutorials, one from Radiant and two from the
extension authors, had you bootstrap the production db, but not all three
db's. Anyway, if you're having issues, try bootstrapping everything.
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