On Feb 3, 2009, at 10:54 PM, Adam Farnsworth wrote:

Does anyone know where it's talking about when it says:

"You can define email templates using pages parts (email, and/or email_html). You configure the recipients and other Mailer settings in a "mailer" part:"

I can't figure out where you are supposed to change these settings so that they take effect. I have created a Page called "Email" and saved the sample code into it, I get the following error: Mailer config is not valid (see Mailer.valid_config?)

Any ideas?

I just ran into this myself today.
I'm not really sure about all the code in the mailer extension, but one problem I've found is that it tries to use an instance variable called @config for the configuration options which is the same name as one that Radiant itself uses.

I've fixed this in my branch, but haven't sent a pull request to the main repo yet

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