I think it's great that Aslak chose to fork Radiant rather than to just create extensions. At some point, you need to consider whether the monkey-patches are worth it, or whether it's better to use Radiant as the base. That said, at times when I've tried Ba, setup from a blank database was difficult to say the least. Maybe you could contribute patches to Ba to help out with that?


Anton Aylward wrote:
Saša Babić said the following on 02/04/2009 09:38 AM:
Anton Aylward wrote:
I don't want to blow away my current application.
I'm curious why do you find blowing it away such a problem?

I'm curious as to why someone supplied it as an extension and others
didn't, but the one that didn't is the one 'recommended'.

Can't you
replicate the setup? Just branch* the application (you do use a repository, don't you?),

No.  Not everyone does or has reason to.

clone the database, and you're set.

Its more than just cloning the DB....

It seems like a lot of fiddly work compared to how I've installed other

This attitude - 'hacking' - says something about how 'user friendly'
some people think radiant is.  Sean, Jim, Chris and others ave all done
very nice, easy to install, easy to use, easy to understand, ADDITIVE


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