Jay Levitt wrote:
(Hmm.. pastie seems broken at the moment.)

Here's one that should be readable: http://pastie.org/384089
Some questions:

1. The root page (/) and the /Articles page are effectively identical.  Is
there a reason one couldn't just render the other?  I realize that the
/Articles page gives you the the nicety of collapsing all articles in the
admin tree view.  Is there any other reason for it to have a separate existence?

The main reason is that not all of the pages on my site are blog entries. I have various other things, including stylesheets, javascripts, S5 slide-presentations, etc. And yes, if you like, you could use <r:find url="/articles"><r:content /></r:find> in the root page.

2. The root page has three body parts: body, navLeft, and navRight.[1]  The
Articles page, and its children, the actual blog entries, have only the
"body" part.  They all use the "Normal" layout, which renders all three
parts; the children have no navLeft or navRight, so it gets inherited from
the root page.

Something about this bugs me, but I can't quite articulate what it is.  It
seems like there should be a more elegant way to achieve the nav sidebars -
yet the separation of concerns sounds logical when I explain it out loud...
maybe it's just that children pages shouldn't be able to override the
sidebars, or that the sidebars really feel like a layout function, not a
page content function?  I don't know.

If you don't want them overridden by child pages, put them in snippets. (woops, you said that in the next paragraph)

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