Mark Glossop wrote:

It does - thanks very much for your clear comments, and also for Jim's
questions. The "application" vs. "framework" analogy was particularly
useful. Thanks for taking the time.

Jim, I haven't answered your questions since Mohit's answer clarifies a lot
for me, and much of my opinions were/are based on little more than gut feel
and a lot of IT experience. Were I to give any answers, they likely wouldn't
say more than "I'd like it to be less surprising to someone who has
experience with Rails development." Again - an opinion - which by definition
can't always be (rationally) justified.

I can't say I agree with everything that Mohit has stated - although I'll
readily concede 2a and 2b! - but I understand a little better now.

Again - thanks.

Glad to help.  Happy to engage further in discussion :)

2/27/2009 | 6:21 PM.

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