michael starke wrote:
Hi Sean,

1) What you want is to order by 'slug', not by 'url' (which is not a real attribute, but calculated)

that's the thing i'm searchig for - and sorry for the mistake with the url, which is obviously calculated.

2) You want someone to be able to reverse/drag/whatever the order of an existing container of items, which sounds like a Javascript client-side thing.

sound's also quite logical to me, but i'm not sure if it's so good to let javascript do the job if radiant could change the ordering (deliverd by the slug or something else).

An the client side ... i would not do it on the client side, rather asc via a js asynchrounis request to do a reordering ... and geht teh results back reorderd and then display this partial.

I guess you need to decide how you would do it on a non-Radiant site and then essentially create the pages on Radiant that present the data in the manner you need in response to an AJAX request. I guess it would be some sort of a page that uses some sort of an "XML layout" with the data ordered in the manner you want. I guess that you may need a number of such partial pages?

3/6/2009 | 2:18 AM.

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