Christian Vetter wrote:
That's good! I always get confused whether "#<r:slug />" works! But I guess it does.

You can put radius tags wherever you want, except within other radius tags; 
that means you can set attributes to radius tags and have their output as the 
attriute's value in your HTML doc.

Thanks Christian, I'm always a bit fuzzy about some of these things till I use it :)

Also, do div IDs work as anchors? Or should that be changed to:
<a name="<r:slug />"> ... </a>

The name attribute does not exist in XHTML 1.1 and the id attribute works as an 
anchor, no matter what element it is with -- in XHTML it is universal. Thus, 
don't use the name attribute unless you need to stick with HTML4 -- dunno about 
HTML5, actually.

Ah!  That makes sense, thanks!

3/17/2009 | 1:35 PM.

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