On Tue 17 Mar 2009 00:13, Istvan Hoka <istvan.h...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Announcing the Radiant Member Extension.
> * Restricts access to Radiant pages under a certain node, requiring
> member login.
> * Members can be managed from Radiant Admin. There is *NO* member
> self-registration.
> * Reset and email member’s password from Admin interface;
> * Bulk import members from a CSV file; fields: name, company, email;
> * Radius tags for integrating login/logout functionality into the site;
> * Cookie-based flash messages.

Intersting.  Had you seen my earlier member's extension?


It allows for member self-registration and provides a profile tab for
managing your personal bio.  I'm going to be doing an update to this and
my conferences extension next week at ApacheCon.

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