Haselwanter Edmund wrote:
great news :-)

I gave it a try and to have a little issue.

What about relative urls in the content or summary part? I have a radiant site up and running and want to publish its rss feed on another radiant site.

This yields relative urls on the latter. But where to fix this?

a) on the rss producing site (how could I have FQDN absolute urls from <r:content/> ? b) on the consuming site ( substitute every relative url in the tag definition with the hostname and relative url )

this problem really drives me nuts :-(

btw. in e.g. NetNewsWire the Urls in the content are "fixed"

I don't know how to solve that, except that links should be absolute (in general). If you are generating RSS, make sure your guid/url elements have absolute URLs. Beyond that, there's nothing that can be done short of parsing each summary with nokogiri/hpricot/etc and absolutizing URLs, which I know from experience is very sketchy.

undefined method `feed_url' for 0:Fixnum

in the content
I haven't updated to the latest version - this is fixed on github, thanks to ptomato (Victor Luft). I'll get to it as soon another site I'm working on has launched.


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