Apologies to those who get this twice - late night emails FTL, ignore the previous.

Remember the RSSReader extension? Well, it was gathering dust. An older Radiant site that I recently upgraded to 0.7.x was using it, and it wouldn't work anymore after the upgrade, so I rewrote it. Things have changed a lot in feed-parsing libraries too, since the last time this site was upgraded. The new hotness is Paul Dix's Feedzirra library, which uses a combination of native libxml bindings, a very SAXy machine, and a heaping of awesome DSL to become the fastest feed parser available to Rubyists! So naturally, I chose Feedzirra. As a result, the new feed_parser extension is much faster and has support for Atom and multiple versions of RSS. And imagine this - for once I even decided to write decent documentation!

Here's the goods: http://github.com/seancribbs/radiant-feed-reader-extension

Make sure you read the README to get the proper installation instructions for Feedzirra - it can be a little tricky, depending on your platform. OS/X Leopard (not MacPorts) and Ubuntu 8.04 work just fine.

Here's the page where I'm using the extension: http://diopa.org/news/world

Enjoy, and Be Radiant!

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