I've cloned (I think I should have pulled it instead) my main project from my repo, created a branch and have been updating that branch to 0.7.1.

My extensions are set up as submodules, and work beautifully, but the tag showing which version of the extensions I am using shows the original tag/commit sha - (dash) the new tag/commit sha. Like this:

6906bb369339fa74674d41b638ad134a70980cc2 vendor/extensions/blog (radiant069-5-g6906bb3) 782918fda1c2b3d5a659f1ea507aaa7c5cb2e410 vendor/extensions/comments (0.6.9-1-g782918f) 07015cd85bca4af44a182775e7979e965f1acc94 vendor/extensions/copy_move (heads/master) b7e64f11037ccd0a0d07eb1a70fc90240ab6ec6e vendor/extensions/page_attachments (0.6.9-4-gb7e64f1) e4bd92f52b35222c1316f5b3c275534b5ad3407d vendor/extensions/search (heads/master) 3302f3f7187b7d22924502e5cca3e57496c262be vendor/extensions/share_layouts (heads/master) e4bc04ebe6eb4f6946131f42248f181dea676439 vendor/extensions/sns (radiant0.6.9-10-ge4bc04e) b99e2cbf3689bd5074517c2a17b6e1ed5e6063b9 vendor/extensions/tags (pre-radiant-0.7-5-gb99e2cb) 743a95be0f01696530f558e7f4934cc7e57d3ab8 vendor/plugins/attachment_fu (743a95b)

Why is it displaying this way instead of just telling me which commit I am using?

Also, because I cloned my repo, instead of pulling it, how can I get the branch on the server? Right now when I try and git push I get the message that everything it up to date. Any info is appreciated.


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