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It just so happens that I'm one of the guys working on git. So I'll see what I can do to help you. :-D I don't know how extensive your git experience is, so bear with me if I'm saying things you already know.

Thanks. Your info was exactly that little bit I needed to grok this. But I still have a few questions for pushing back to the repo on my server. See below.

On Apr 9, 2009, at 2:50 PM, N. Turnage wrote:

Submodules are useful, but are also a little bit bleeding edge. They are not widely used, and as such, sometimes have odd problems. If you encounter any serious problems, feel free to poke the git mailing list <>. The list is both for development and users and we try to be friendly to everyone.

6906bb369339fa74674d41b638ad134a70980cc2 vendor/extensions/blog (radiant069-5-g6906bb3) 782918fda1c2b3d5a659f1ea507aaa7c5cb2e410 vendor/extensions/comments (0.6.9-1-g782918f) 07015cd85bca4af44a182775e7979e965f1acc94 vendor/extensions/copy_move (heads/master) b7e64f11037ccd0a0d07eb1a70fc90240ab6ec6e vendor/extensions/page_attachments (0.6.9-4-gb7e64f1) e4bd92f52b35222c1316f5b3c275534b5ad3407d vendor/extensions/search (heads/master) 3302f3f7187b7d22924502e5cca3e57496c262be vendor/extensions/share_layouts (heads/master) e4bc04ebe6eb4f6946131f42248f181dea676439 vendor/extensions/sns (radiant0.6.9-10-ge4bc04e) b99e2cbf3689bd5074517c2a17b6e1ed5e6063b9 vendor/extensions/tags (pre-radiant-0.7-5-gb99e2cb) 743a95be0f01696530f558e7f4934cc7e57d3ab8 vendor/plugins/attachment_fu (743a95b)

Why is it displaying this way instead of just telling me which commit I am using?

The description is either a branch name or something in the following format: <tag>-<#>-g<SHA>. The tag is the most recent tag that _doesn't_ contain the commit. # is the number of commits between the commit in question and the tag. And SHA is the beginning of the full SHA-1 (usually 6 characters). (This is the result of running `git describe HEAD` in each submodule.)

I had to read this a couple of times, but this really helped understand that I am using the latest commits regardless of which commit the tag was/is on.

It looks like copy/move, page attachments, and share layouts are all on their master branch while blog, comments, page_attachments, sns, and tags are all a commit of their own. This can happen if the origin repo for them moved ahead of where your submodule has them. If you want, you can (usually) update them by going into the submodule and running `git pull`. Then you can `git add` the submodule and `git commit` in the supermodule to update it's records.

I actually went to each of the submodules and ran 'git reset --hard master' . I don't know how right or wrong that is, but it worked.

I'm not sure what you were expecting to see, since I don't know the details of your setup. But if this description isn't enough, I'll try to help you get where you need to be.

Also, because I cloned my repo, instead of pulling it, how can I get the branch on the server? Right now when I try and git push I get the message that everything it up to date. Any info is appreciated.

This is where I am really confused.

Cloning should have set up the appropriate tracking information, but would not have set up any push information. You might want to run a command like the following, assuming the clone URL is also something you can push to (i.e. not git:// or http://)

git config remote.origin.push refs/heads/*:refs/heads/*

Note that pushing to a non-bare repository (one that has a working directory attached to it) isn't recommended, as it will change the respository out from under you. You might want to change the push line to something like "refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/home/*" and then `git merge home/master` on the server instead. Or set up a bare repository that both sides can clone from. (git --bare clone <URL> site.git)

What I would like is for the local branch I created to become a branch on my server so that I can use Capistrano to deploy from my new branch. I don't really want to merge my changes back into master just in case something goes wrong and I have to go back and deploy from the master.

My local branch is called: radiant07
My git push/clone url is:

What confuses me is the 'refs/heads/*:refs/heads/*' bit. Could you maybe explain that a little bit?

Thanks again for your help, Brian.

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