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N. Turnage wrote:

Just found some more info about this. Apparently FireFox, my browser of choice (and the only anyone should use ;^), has an option to disable referrers. This article suggests another option for handling the redirect.

OK, I'm answering my own question again. It turns out that I had the "disable referrers" set in the Web Developer extension. Now I don't know if FireFox disables referrers by default, but I thought it important to mention why I was having trouble with the Comments extension. So anybody running Firefox and having a problem with the redirect_to :back, check that you are allowing referrers.

That is all. Everything else about the Comments extension seems to work perfectly with Radiant 0.7.1.

Nate, not that I want to rain on your parade, but I *think* IE cannot be relied upon to send the referrer back to the server (depending on settings/versions/who-knows-what it may think it's a security risk). It's been a while since I looked into it, though.

When I'm handling logins and then redirects-on-success, I track the last-visited-page in the session (excluding POSTs, session-related pages, etc), and redirect to that instead, rather than using HTTP_REFERER. Not sure if that's any help in your situation though.

And all that said, it really has been a few years since I hit this problem with IE. I could be wrong.

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