A fix will be pushed soon. A few people ran into that this afternoon in the IRC channel while I was hacking on a few things.


Joel Oliveira wrote:
Hi everyone -
I understand freezing to Radian't edge will vary one's experience since it's
under active development, obviously.  Just thought I'd throw this out in
case anyone has run into this yet.

I froze it per the instructions at the radiant site, and upon subsequent
rake tasks, I got an error

rake aborted!
wrong number of arguments (0 for 1)
/vendor/radiant/lib/tasks/rspec.rake:197:in `t'

the culprit being :

namespace :generators do
  [:extension_controller, :extension_mailer, :extension_migration,
:extension_model, :extension].each do |generator|
*    task t => :spec_prereq*


I commented it out for the time being to continue some tests (the commenting
successfully staved that off), and the first time I fired up script/server

joel$ script/server
=> Booting Mongrel
=> Rails 2.3.2 application starting on
warning: already initialized constant VERSION
uninitialized constant Rails::Initializer::ResponseCache
        from /Users/joel/Documents/Projects/Rails/ `load_environment'
        from /Users/joel/Documents/Projects/Rails/`load_environment'
        from /Users/joel/Documents/Projects/Rails/`silence_warnings'
        from /Users/joel/Documents/Projects/Rails/`load_environment'
        from /Users/joel/Documents/Projects/Rails/`process'
        from /Users/joel/Documents/Projects/Rails/`send'
        from /Users/joel/Documents/Projects/Rails/`run'
        from /Users/joel/Documents/Projects/Rails/ `run'
         ... 6 levels...
        from /Users/joel/Documents/Projects/Rails/
        from /Library/Ruby/Site/1.8/rubygems/custom_require.rb:31:in
        from /Library/Ruby/Site/1.8/rubygems/custom_require.rb:31:in
        from script/server:3

Again - commenting that out in environments/development.rb held off that

Would this have something to do with the recent efforts to move Radiant to
Rails 2.3?

Lastly - love Radiant.  Finally something flexible enough to bend to our
will, while not dealing with heaps and mounds of extraneous and unnecessary

- Joel
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