I've used Rails templates to bootstrap some apps, and it's really just a hook into the existing Rails generators, plus some extra tools.

That said, some kind of template distribution mechanism would be awesome. When it's ready, we can integrate it into the instance generator. PDI


Adam van den hoven wrote:
Now that Radiant is on Rail 2.3, has anyone investigated (or planning to
investigate) using application templates to simplify things?

For example, its often been asked if there were an easy way to share
template sites and/or themes. This has always been hard to do but it occurs
to me that with templates, this will be MUCH easier. Similarly, we have a
problem of how to ensure dependencies are met for installing extensions.

I'm wondering if:

   1. anyone else sees value in pursuing templates as a generalized
   mechanism to more easily bootstrap radiant sites (ala "radiant -t NewSite") or installing and
   uninstalling extensions
   2. anyone is already working on it... I'm rather busy on other fronts
   these days, so if someone is already thinking about it, I'd rather
   collaborate than start from scratch.


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