Mohit Sindhwani wrote ...

> Hi!  I'm trying to use the events_calendar extension from: 
> Now, this clearly has a branch for 0.7.1 so I installed that.  On the other 
> hand, it relies on share_layouts which has been upgraded to 0.8.0 - I was 
> able to find the commit which was before the commit that said 'upgraded to 
> 0.8.0' and installed that.
> When I start the server, it looks fine.  The events tab is there.  But when 
> I go to the Events tab and click on "New Event", or I go to edit any of the 
>  Pages, I get an error that looks something like:


> Both seem to be related to the date_time helper or something similar.  Any 
> idea what I can do?

All I can say at this point is that the radiant-0.7.1 branch of the
events calendar extension works for me with the Radiant 0.7.1 gem and the
shared_layouts extension from commit 3302f3f7.

I don't know if it matters or not, but I am running the 0.7.1 version on
Linux. Is it possible there's some quirkiness with running on Windows?

David Cato

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