rustam mamat wrote:
Hi all,
I am newbe to Raidant , i recently installed the radiant 0.8.0 and have
created blogsysytem with Roasters styled App.
the problem that it is working properly on Firefox and other browser except
from Internet Explore(6.0,7.0,8.0). and i have
tried to use radaint 0.7.1 but the came out with same result.
any idea for this
the Error massage is "IE can`t open this site" with massage box.
thank you

[1] I know this is a bit silly but some times IE throws up an error if you go to a URL such as localhost:3000 without using http:// - going to http://localhost:3000/ works OK. Could you check?

[2] Alternatively, try starting the server for Radiant on port 80 and see if it works?
ruby script\server -e production -p 80

I think it's a security thing of some sort.

6/24/2009 | 11:09 AM.

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