rustam mamat wrote ...

> was created with radiant ,you can find it from
> radiant user`s site. if you try to open this you will get
> Error massage (IE 7.0) if you don`t get the Error massage ,refresh it for
> several times then you will get the massage.
>  with IE 8.0 it works normally but with the error massage on task bar of IE.
> is there any bug on Radiant itself ?what should i do with this.
> but raidant styled version is fine with any of the cases above, all of the
> problems came with Roasters Coffee styled one.

I don't have IE available at the moment but I noticed that that page
generates a number of validation errors as reported by

I've had past experiences where IE refuses to display pages that have
too many, or certain kinds of, validation errors. Some validation errors
it seems to let pass but others it doesn't. Fix those errors and see if
IE still has trouble rendering the page.

David Cato

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