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After a relatively futile search for a BBS/ Forum written in Rails which I could use, I seem to have finally settled on Simple Machines Forum (SMF) for a site I'm building. I'm coupling the forum with Radiant so that the "static" content is served out of Radiant with the ability to add comments to the content, but most of the interaction-heavy parts are handled by the Forum. It naturally provides conversations/ discussions and also has support for multiple boards and even polls.

I also saw an extension that makes it easier for people to write full-length articles using that as the base - and plan to use it as the equivalent of an "opinionated wiki", i.e., the content is lead by one person and the others discuss it (I know this point is contentious and there may be a lot of debate about it).

All the same, I was wondering if anyone has any experience in making the two work together? I think I may not want too much from it - but share some data about users, recent posts, etc. I think it would be too much work to "share layouts" but a few days of CSS work with it has resulted in very similar looking pages. I can live with that.

Any ideas anyone?  (Just for completeness, SMF is written in PHP.)

6/29/2009 | 3:55 AM.

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