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If Beast is something you'd want to explore, then I'd recommend Altered Beast which, I think, is a fork that's actually active in its development.

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Have you thought about integrating Beast with Radiant? I think there was some work done on this in the past. Not sure if it ever came to fruition. Just wondering why you want to use SMF.
Hi John & Joel

Thanks for your answers. Actually, a while back, a colleague helped me review the four main options for forums in Rails:
* Beast/ Altered Beast
* El Dorado - focused more on being a holistic site, rather than a forum.
* RForum - fantastic, but still on Rails 1.1.6 with little or no active development
and 1 more.

The general thing we ended up with was that the Rails based forums were lacking:
1. Good spam control
2. Active development
3. Support for easy customization of themes, etc.
4. An active community developing things like add-ons or plugins to add other features
5. Things like getting an email when a board you're watching is updated

I'm making a few sweeping statements here (sorry) but that was roughly what we found. In contrast, I got the feeling that SMF is quite mature with most of these features already in place. I think it's roughly based on vBulletin - so, it has a lot of features and more importantly, has the features I think I need.

My personal preference would be RForum - I think it's fast, smooth, fantastic and quite feature-rich. But, seeing as it's not actively developed any more and is still on Rails 1.1.6 (I think), I decided to veer towards SMF. Even Altered Beast has not been updated since Oct 2008 (not that far back, admittedly). I would really like to see a separate project called Radiant BBS built with the same ease, extensibility and cool class as Radiant CMS.

But in the meanwhile, back to the original question - I was wondering if anyone has any experience in making the two work together? I think I may not want too much from it - but share some data about users, recent posts, etc. I think it would be too much work to "share layouts" but a few days of CSS work with it has resulted in very similar looking pages. I can live with that.

Any ideas anyone?  (Just for completeness, SMF is written in PHP.)


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