Keith Bingman wrote:
Another thing I would check out are lots of Radius tags. If you have very complicated nested navigation and such, this can also really slow the site down.

I have been running all my local sites on sqlite3 lately and really don't notice any difference to the Mysql sites. Of course this is locally and in development mode. In production things could be totally different.
Hi Keith

Thanks! Yes, I agree with your sentiment about SQLite3. It is damn fast for a lot.

My site is fast again now. I am on a shared host with dedicated memory (essentially 100MB of memory - that allows me to run 2 instances of Mongrel) but I think something was running a bit amok on the server yesterday. It's all quite breezy now! I know I should get to a VPS or dedicated server, but I'll do that once it's clear what the future of this site is - right now, it's primarily for demonstration.

Thanks guys!

7/3/2009 | 3:03 PM.

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