Haselwanter Edmund schreef:

On 23.09.2009, at 23:30, Eric de Hont wrote:

Dear List,

After installing the extentions Twitter and Twitter_Tags and installing de ruby gem twitter I still can't get Twitter_Tags to work.

they don't play nicely together. I think it would make sense to merge them. Its on which one is load first as they define the same module (IMHO)

I plan on merging them and add a caching for the not so unlikely case that twitter is down ... but I;m very busy at the moment.

As a intermediate solution you could try to set:

  config.extensions = [ :twitter_tags, :twitter , :all ]

in your environment.rb
Thanks, that works fine!

A merge would be great, since whoever uses Radiant to post Twitter-messages will also want to read them.

By the way, I don't see a command to retrieve the profile pic. Is there a way to do that?

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