Thanks for a response!

I went ahead and did what you said, and put the result in a pastie at < >. In the end, the error seems to be exactly the same as reported with Ray.

I looked for the version number in sns_extension.rb, and found 0.8.0. I'm pretty sure that I grabbed the latest version (or that ray did automatically). From my app root, I did a "git submodule summary" and got:

* vendor/extensions/sns 0000000...7fc5476 (66):
> Fixed issue with getting blank assets every second request when using mod_passenger.

Was that the proper way to check? (I'm still a git newbie, too.)

To use vlad, I ended up modifying the Rakefile in the app root to:

require File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'config', 'boot')

import File.join(RADIANT_ROOT, 'Rakefile')

# added to use vlad deployment
        require "vlad"
        Vlad.load(:app => :passenger, :scm => :git)
rescue LoadError
        # do nothing

I don't think that should have changed things, but I'm really a newbie at Ruby/Rails/Rake, etc., so I don't have a good feel for what really is happening yet.

Oh, and, yes, I am using Radiant 0.8.1.

Ah ha!

I disabled the lines in the root Rakefile that I had added for vlad, and then the install worked fine.

Anyone have any insight into why that might be?


David Alan Hjelle
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From: Chris Parrish <>
Date: September 28, 2009 22:44:20 CDT
Subject: Re: [Radiant] SnS Extension Install Problem

Hello David. I see that you're using ray and vlad -- which are tools I've never used (for now I still use capistrano) so I'm not sure the issue isn't in there somewhere but I'll do my best in the meantime to help.

I see that you are installing SnS as a git submodule. This seems to be downloading from github ok but I'm not sure which version of SnS you are using. Currently the latest version (master) runs fine for me on Radiant 0.8.1 (though I have some changes I'd still like to make before I update the version number). But if you are running an earlier version of SnS, this could be your problem as they don't play with pre 7.x Radiant well.

Assuming the correct version is installed, it appears that the following rake task seems to be failing for some other reason:
  rake -q RAILS_ENV=development radiant:extensions:sns:install

Try moving the SnS extension out of the vendor/extensions/.disabled directory (it should reside in vendor/extensions/sns) and then manually running the following rake task and posting (or pastie-ing) the results:
  rake RAILS_ENV=development radiant:extensions:sns:install --trace


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