I'm having trouble getting Radiant to work on Bluehost so I'm looking
for anyone that is using Bluehost and radiant that might have a couple
of min to help me get Radiant up and running.

I was able to go through Bluehosts Rails setup Knowledgebase article
(http://helpdesk.bluehost.com/index.php/kb/article/000207) and get that
rails app working.  I can almost get Radiant to work but not quite.  It
gets stuck on the home page, ie I can't get to any other page.  IE
http://empirepcny.sleys.net works but http://empirepcny.sleys.net/admin
doesn't.  The admin page worked at first.  I used it to create the dummy
home page but once I hit that home page I can't get back to the admin
page any more.

Any hints or help would be appreciated.


Bob Sleys
Empire Onsite 
1423 Genesee St.
Utica, NY 13501
315-939-5602 (Office)
315-790-2056 (Mobile)

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