I am trying to style a list item in a footer snippet and it is not working,
so I decided to try loading the redcloth extension. And now I am getting an
error about an unitialized constant in the redcloth_extension. Is the
redcloth extension still useful for 0.8.1?

This is what I am trying to do:

*(class1) List Item One
*(class2) List Item Two
*(class3) List Item Three

But instead of rendering this:

<li class="class1">List Item One</li>
<li class="class2">List Item Two</li>
<li class="class3">List Item Three</li>

It renders this:

*(class1) List Item One<br>
*(class2) List Item Two<br>
*(class3) List Item Three

Styling list items this way works on the Redcloth website:

Should I report this as a bug somewhere?

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