I have a dumb one.
Here it is.

I'm trying to install Radinat on Heroku by following this:
and of course this

I've also installed the file_system extension.

So after I did everything in those post the installation seemed to work
perfect but that wasn't the case. I did this locally :
rake file_system:to_files made some changes here and there did this
afterwards : rake file_system: to_db. Sent everything to Heroku but even
if in the admin part on Radiant the changes were made on the website
nothing changed. It changed only after I added something in admin part and
then hit save. And after this all the changes could be seen on the
frontend of the website. After seeing this I thought there must be
something with the cache so I go here
were there is this
"Also if you want the page cache to be cleared on page save (or ever
really) youÂ’ll also need to hack on RADIANT_ROOT/lib/radiant/cache.rb
search for the lines:

def initialize(root="#{Rails.root}/cache/entity")
def initialize(root="#{Rails.root}/cache/meta")

and change them to:

def initialize(root="#{Rails.root}/tmp/cache/entity")
def initialize(root="#{Rails.root}/tmp/cache/meta")"

Can this solve my dumb problem? And If yes? Where is
RADIANT_ROOT/lib/radiant/cache.rb ? I figure that RADIANT_ROOT is the
installation dir? And If that is true where is  the lib dir?

Please help.

I appologize for the dumb question but i'm stuck here.

Thank you


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