Is there a setting or an existing extension that locks down which filters are 
available to users?

In one scenario, I've installed the FckEditor extension is installed and 
FckEditor is customized to meet the team's needs.  I'd like to make this the 
required filter for standard users when creating new pages.  This would allow 
some lockdown on what can and cannot be pubished, which would also help in my 
second scenario below.

In another scenario, I have one of our blog authors who has some old habits I 
just can't break. Most notably they still like to use MS Word to write up their 
text.  Since MS Word generates *horrendous* HTML, I'd like to prevent HTML from 
being used.  I'd use <r:escape_html> for this and nest the content, but because 
of the order that nested tags are done, this causes proper HTML generated by 
the textile or markdown filters to get escaped as well.  I'd like to find a way 
to all users to continue using textile or even raw HTML, but prresent some form 
of whitelist for what can be used. No embedded styles, for example, and only 
certain tags. 


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