I'm trying to build a contact form using the Mailer extension. I've followed
step by step the documentation, but I can't find the way.
When clicking at Submit form, it do not deliver the message and forward to
this path /pages/84/mail#mailer

I'm using 2 forms inside the same Page. One called form1 and the other
form2. Is it the right way of doing it?

I've a page called mail, with 2 page parts: mailer and email


<r:mailer:form name='form'>
  <legend>Enter your contact information and message.</legend><br>
  <label class="yourname">Your name <span class="bg-k">*</span> <r:text
name='name' class='input'/></label><br>
  <label class="yourcompany">Your Company <span class="bg-k">*</span>
<r:text name='company' class='input'/></label><br>
  <label>Your E-mail <r:text name='email' class='input'/></label><br>
  <label>Your message <span class="bg-k">*</span>
  <r:textarea name='message' class='textarea' /></label><br>
  <input type="submit" value="Send" class="formboton">


  subject: "Contact from website"
  from_field: email
    -  paulamari...@gmail.com


from: <r:mailer:get name='name'/>
company: <r:mailer:get name='company'/>
email: <r:mailer:get name='email'/>
<r:mailer:get name='message'/>

and the configuration .rb is properly configured.
Any clues?

Thanks very much!

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