i'm trying to use the invisible pages extension and had a couple of
questions maybe someone else knows the answer to. this is a 0.8.1
instance on sqlite3.

1. how do you set a page to invisible?
i see some page types with "invisible" in the name but these seem too
specific for my use. for example how do you hide the "page not found"
page or an auto-generated html sitemap page? currently i am just
setting the invisible column to true by editing the database directly.

2. why don't invisible pages show up in the invisible pages tab?
even after editing the database directly to set pages to invisible my
invisible pages tab still says "There are no invisible pages on your
system.". i tried installing dashboard as well but it says the same

oddly enough if i push the app up to heroku where the db is
transferred to postgres i see the pages listed under the invisible
pages tab. however i still don't see how you can make a page invisible
short of editing the database.
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