Please leave that in the wiki, or at least correct the error about it 
being "faster and less error prone".  Radiant's MarkdownExtension will 
currently look for rdiscount, and if that is missing, use bluecloth (the 
packaged version).  I'd appreciate a patch that searches for BlueCloth 2 


Charles Roper wrote:
> The "Installing on Heroku" wiki page suggests using RDiscount instead of 
> BlueCloth, stating that "RDiscount is considerably faster and less error 
> prone."
> This is surely out of date since BlueCloth 2 was released?
> Would anyone object if I removed the information about RDiscount? Main 
> reason being, it doesn't have a Windows binary and doesn't compile using 
> the new mingw Ruby + DevKit whereas BlueCloth does have a mingw binary 
> and so works with Windows just great.
> Cheers,
> Charles
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