Dear Radiant community.

First of all thank you for Radiant, we are already using it sucessfully for
this site:
having used J2EE CMS monsters such Jahia or Infoglue, I've been very pleased
by how productive is Radiant in comparison, at least for small sites.
Using it on Heroku with versionned sqlite db file is just really effective!

Now, I'm about to switch our company site from a custom static AppEngine
Rails cache to Radiant on Heroku, especially now that there seem to be an
effective localization extension (Globalize 2).
Actually, I should say, at least from Brazil, I'm very disapointed by how
slow AppEngine is serving static files, Heroku seems to do much better so

I'm a Rails dev, but honnestly, for now on I can't afford investing too much
time in that site. We only want basic usage:
basic CMS pages, blog and globalize 2 (is that the better localization
support?) (our current quick done site is )

So my question is, what version would you advise for best overall peace of
mind in the coming 6 months (balancing current trouble on head against
future migration cost):
- stable 0.8.1 ?
- 0.9.0 RC1 ?
- head ?

I should say, I'm a bit surprise to see 0.9.0 is still not out while RC1 was
back in early October, any issue? Busy? Any planned date?
Oh BTW we are active open source contributors too, it's just that we use to
smoke our neurones with OpenERP for now, but basically we understand you
being busy if that's the reason.

Thanks for any clarification and keep it up with the great work!

Raphaël Valyi
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