Mauricio Dulce said the following on 11/19/2009 07:05 PM:
> Hello, I'm finishing a web mounted radiant, but I need to generate a  
> two-level navigation, and searched and not found such information and  
> I am using this reference to create the menu.

> The idea is that this will render me this menu

No it won't.

<r:navigation /> produces a single menu.
It may or may not have anything to do with the hierarchy of pages.
You could write

<r:navigation urls="
        Main:  /skipjack |
        About: /para1/nicetomeetyou/section1 |
        Buying: /shop/selling |
        Selling: /trade/buying |

The point I'm making here is that <r:navigation /> is completely
arbitrary.  It need not follow the hierarchy.

*IF* - and its a big if - you want a menu that follows you page
hierarchy, AND you want something like suckerfish menus, then

a) see my post on this last week

b) from the 'root'(which may not be / )

<div id="menup" class="menuh">
    <r:children:each >
              <li><r:link />
                      <r:children:each >
                        <li><r:link /> </li>

This will dynamically generate the two level menu.

But please see my post about menus from last week

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