I'd like to know if Radiant or one of its extensions offers some
capabilities I'm looking for for a site I need to write for a client.

They want a 'magazine' type structure, with forum and blogs, using a
single sign on.

So someone can open an account, and be given permission to write
articles.  These are then approved by designated "editors" and
published both to the front page, and to 'category' pages depending on
what category the articles belong to.

Comments may be left by visitors, who may or may not choose to sign up
for an account on the site.  All comments are moderated before being
published.  If they sign on with an account, they may choose to
receive notifications via email when the comment is replied to.  They
may also edit their comments (again, which are moderated) if they sign
up with an account before-hand.

Visitors may use the forums on the site.  I intend this to be
something like phpBB, and somehow manipulate the phpBB cookies to make
it a single sign on scheme.

Visitors with accounts may be selected by moderators to have their own
blogs.  In addition, blog articles can be 'nominated' to the front
page or a category page.  In addition, there is a "blogs" page where
the most recent blog articles from all authors are shown.

This sounds like standard CMS stuff, doesn't it?  The only sticking
point  seems to be the overall account scheme, where a single user
account can do multiple things depending on what permissions it has.
Will Radiant easily support these features, or is some hard
development work required?

Thanks, regards,
      Asfand Yar Qazi
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