Especially if you're using Passenger and REE, it pays to have things as 
gems, as it can sometimes share that memory between worker processes.  
It might be worth re-evaluating what we have packaged and what we have 
as gem dependencies.


On 12/21/09 7:52 PM, Steven Southard wrote:
> I recently had a problem with Back_door or Conditional_tags pushing me
> up against my hosts limit of 75 MiB for memory .  My solution was to
> take out SNS which reduced my memory usage by about 4 MiB.  I wish I
> had more memory and this wasn't an issue but that's just not the case
> for this website.  For those of us that do have this problem are there
> any more tips anyone has discover to reduce the resource footprint of
> Radiant?
> So far I've found that taking out haml as a plugin (it's already
> installed as a gem with my host) seems to help as well.
> Steven
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