Hi all,

I set up a site around 6 months ago with a simple members section
(login required to access certain pages) using Aissacs Member
extension - http://github.com/Aissac/radiant-member-extension

It works well but lacks self registration. This wasn't a problem when
the volume of people signing up was low, but they're now getting much
higher volumes and an automated solution is needed. Does anyone know
of a solution to integrate self registration with this extension, or
another good option?

I've looked at the restricted access extension which on paper would
fit the bill - http://github.com/p8/radiant-restricted-access-extension
- but the usage instructions are minimal, and while I've managed to
get it installed, I haven't worked out how to integrate it into the
site. Has anyone had better luck with this? I'm likely missing
something basic....

Any advice would be appreciated. Running 0.7.1

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