Anyone have strong feelings regarding these two? I have been working
on some modifications to Drag_Order, and at some point tested out the
other options out there. Sadly can't really remember the reason we
went with Drag. There are some things that do crop up, that seem
different. If others have more experience using either, please chime
in with your thoughts!

- Copy move doesn't drag, it has a drop down, and in a way is a bit
more manual for changing position
- Drag Order copies, but it's less intuitive, the user has to click
Option- for some it's confusing if you have Firebug running.

I saw the extension-to-gem thread conversation and thought you all
were bundling copy move with the new .9 radiant, but maybe that's not
so? It was just an example of usng the new gem-to-ext tool?

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