Not sure how to solve it, but I want to push out a 0.8.2 release to solve 
problems with developers running rake tasks with newer versions of cucumber 

Please create an issue for it.

On Dec 31, 2009, at 12:02 PM, Steven Southard wrote:

> Oh, well okay.  I'm working with 0.8.1  I tried looking on github for  
> this bug but I don't even see them being tracked for versions older  
> then 0.9.0.  Anyone know how to solve this?
> Steven
> On Dec 31, 2009, at 8:27 AM, Sean Cribbs wrote:
>> Steven,
>> That is actually a bug.  All emitted times should be in the chosen  
>> time
>> zone.
>> Sean
>> On 12/30/09 9:54 PM, Steven Southard wrote:
>>> I have time set for Mountain time so all of my pages are saved as  
>>> that
>>> time but if I ask for
>>> <r:date for='now' />  to compare with the page save date it gives me
>>> the server's time which is set for GMT.
>>> Is there a way to ask for Radiant's time now  or local time?
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