On 08.01.2010, at 19:16, Jim Gay wrote:

>>>    tag 'local:if_logged_in' do |tag|
>>>      tag.expand if logged_in?
>>>    end
>>> That'll let you write Radius code like this:
>>> <r:local:if_logged_in>
>>> <a href="<r:local:edit_url/>">edit</a>
>>> </r:local:if_logged_in>
>>> (All these code samples are untested, but, uh, they should be pretty
>>> close!)
>> That's cool - I learn something new all the time :)
> But this would require that you turn off page caching. If you attempt it, be
> sure to have a simple site structure and plenty of resources behind the
> application.

what about using this on the "dev" host? is it possible to have caching 



but not on 


this would allow for editing *and* viewing the unpublished pages

cu edi
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