Hi all,

A client needs kind of a directory website, like an employee directory, with 
pages for each employee. I'd like to propose a solution using Radiant. However, 
due to the amount of employees and the repetetive structure of those pages, it 
would be uncomfortable and hard to handle to create an individual page for each 
of them.

The final directory URL structure should look like this:

website root
- employees
  - emp1
    - Documents
    - Photos
  - emp2
    - Documents
    - Photos
  - [employee n]
    - Documents
    - Photos

Pages in Radiant would be:

- employees (Type: Employee archive)
  - Documents for %1 (Type: Normal page)
  - Photos for %1 (Type: Normal page)

I was wondering if the "employees" would be some kind of an archive extension, 
getting the list of employees from the database. A request for /employees/emp1/ 
would be handled by the archive, selecting the data for emp1 and getting the 
layout from the content of "employees", effectively producing emp1's personal 
page. A request for /employees/emp1/documents/ would be handled by the archive, 
too, checking if there's a page below with a slug "documents" and getting it's 
content from there.

I've done some RoR stuff but I'm rather new to Radiant (although I've dug 
through the code) It'd be most appreciated if you could spare some time to help 
me with these questions:

(1) Is there something like this already? Are you aware of anything that's 
similar so I could start from something?
(2) How would I make my list of employees behave like pages (and play nicely 
with the sitemap extension and others) - without them showing up on the "pages" 
(3) What's best practice to expand variables in a document title (like 
"Documents for %1" which should become "Documents for John Doe")

I'd love to use Radiant for this, so any help is welcome. Regards,

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