banane said the following on 02/09/2010 12:34 PM:

> In pure SQL it would be:
> [snip]

BTDT.   Deperately want to avoid going back!

> I'm not well versed enough in Rails to know how to do this, ha! Isn't
> there a "sql" option in ActiveRecord where you can just push in db-sql
> and not worry about Rails doing the joins?

The whole point was to use the rails _console_ and use the
object-relational mapping.  If I wanted a SQL solution I wouldn't have
asked in a Ruby/Rails/Radiant forum :-)

I like the idea of constructs such as

   Page.find(:all. :conditions .....).name
as an extrapolation of

This is "Object" stuff, which is a lot more natural to an natural
language user than the half-RPN nature of SQL.

SQL is really the assembly code of database programming.
The Rails object relational mapping is the HLL.

If you love programming in assembly code I'm not going to stop you.
But most of the programmers I know use at least C or C++, if not Perl or
PHP or Python, and Ruby is one of the more H of the HLLs.
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