On Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 6:31 PM, Johannes Fritsch <nos...@jfritsch.de> wrote:
> Hi!
> I tested this on a brand new iMac (delivered today) with Snow Leopard:
> Rails was installed with Aptana RadRails.

any version of rails you have installed will be ignored by radiant
unless you've hacked it. otherwise the version radiant has in vendor
will be used. so that's not the problem.

> >From there on i did:
> sudo gem install radiant
> sudo gem install rake --version 1.0.1  // Or similar, can not remember which 
> one radiant required
> radiant --database=sqlite3 myTest
> cd myTest
> % rake radiant:freeze:edge
> % rake radiant:update
> % rake db:migrate
> (According to install notes for "bleeding edge")
> % rake db:bootstrap
> -> Leaving all default, i've choosen empty template
> Everything works fine except for MarkDownFilter. When i put that on a page i 
> get the following error:
>   NameError in SiteController#show_page
> undefined local variable or method `auto_ids' for 
> #<MarkdownFilter:0x10314f218>

auto_ids is from kramdown.

> Is the "trunk" broken or is it my fault and i'm doing something wrong? Can 
> anyone reproduce this?

i cannot reproduce it here following the exact steps you've listed. do
you get any other error messages in your logs? and could you provide
more information about your environment; windows, linux, mac; ruby
version; etc. that way i can have a go at reproducing it in an
environment that more closely matches the one you're using.
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